Please follow the next steps in order to ensure that our game will be connected with your live,or you can watch our Video tutorial –

1. Download the game from the links that we sent you with your license (you can get your license from Account details)

2. After you download them you need to extract all the files that are inside the zip into a folder

3. then open the game and enter your username and license code

4. After that click check license if the start button is open for you that means that your license is working BUT don’t click start game !!!

5. Now its time to start your live and wait 2 – 4 seconds after that click start game and enjoy the game

if you you see that game interaction like : follow / share / like etc not working please check if you have a green dot in the right or left corner of the game if not please click ESC and then click check license and start game, if its still not working please create-ticket and we will help you

Good luck with your stream and if you need any help feel free to contact us

Links to download the games:
for games –

for clubs –